Environmental Services

Working in partnership with our clients and candidates alike we understand that no two projects are the same. The Apelago Group offers professionals from a wide range of disciplines who work together to identify practical solutions on complex projects. We believe in the power of teamwork, both in the way we organize ourselves, and in the way we work with all stakeholders in the resourcing process.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Contaminated Land Remediation
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Geotechnical
  • GIS Mapping and Visualization
  • Hydrology and Flood Risk
  • Landscape Design and Management
  • Master Planning and Urban Design
  • Site Restoration
  • Town Planning
  • Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering

Staffing Solutions

  • Architects
  • Business Managers
  • Cartographers
  • Construction Managers
  • Ecologists
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Environmental Technicians
  • Flood Engineers
  • Geoenvironmental Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • GIS Technicians
  • Hydrologists
  • Landscape Architects
  • Town Planners
  • Traffic Engineers
  • Transport Planners
  • Wetland Specialists