The Apelago Group is a leading Agriculture consulting and staffing company providing services in several areas of the Agriculture industry.  Our personnel have supported projects in agronomy, sales and marketing, veterinary services and employee education/training . With a large network across the industry, our team can enhance productivity by finding the right professionals for your organization.

Agricultural Services Provided:


  • Land assessment, improvement and management
  • Assessment of Environmental Regulation and Compliance
  • Integrated Pest Management systems
  • IT application systems

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales Executives
  • Grain Merchandizing
  • General Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Product and Logistic Management
  • Business Development Managers

Veterinary Services

  • Strategic genetic herd planning
  • Herd health and prescriptions
  • Embryo Transfer and Reproduction services
  • Practice management and assessment
  • Hiring services and screening

Education and Training

  • Onsite assessment and employee training
  • Online curriculum development and training