We offer Apelago’s organizational structure to enhance communication, align accountability, and provide visibility for both team management and government stakeholders. Our approach combines proven staffing processes with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Our processes facilitate seamless integration with our technical and management strategies while supporting real-time situation adaptability for SeaPort needs.

Apelago follow a quality control approach founded in ISO principles. SeaPort requires expert QA Systems support for the explicit purpose of ensuring quality assurance in support of their Task Orders. QA is performed across all stages and phases of a project in an attempt to prevent mistakes and defects from being inserted into a solution, and avoiding discovery of problems during solution delivery.

The cornerstone of our support includes the continual need to review, analyze, evaluate, and provide feedback on data generated during the task order duration. Apelago views these activities as a way to drive activity to ensuring quality and compliance; and to translate data into valued information to improve project awareness and decision-making. Regardless of the focus of our activities, they are implemented as part of common basic systems analysis process. Our team will approach each activity in a repeatable structured manner by following this process. Our QA analysis process includes the following steps:

  1. Understand problem or task at hand –include goals, objectives, timelines, and expectations.
  2. Define scope, constraints, and quality targets – based on a wide range of sources.
  3. Data collection – gather pertinent data via extensive fact-finding and established processes.
  4. Perform analysis in alignment with specific objectives and parameters – perform appropriate comparison and analysis of the expected and actual state to recognize conflicts and patterns, identify cause and effects, and produce analysis output.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, or value of the data based on analysis output.
  6. Present results – feedback can be provided as a report, recommendations, resolutions, or other applicable form.

To obtain a copy of our complete QA plan, please contact:
Andrew Larson, CEO
Office: (708) 286-1226